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Travel Directions

to Yale University School of Art Administrative Offices

Holcombe T. Green, Jr. Hall, 1156 Chapel Street

By Air

Tweed–New Haven Airport is the closest airport and is approximately four miles from the Yale campus. It is serviced by USAirways (800.428.4322) and Pan Am (800.359.7262). Local taxi service, Metro Cab (203.777.7777), is available at the airport. Connecticut Limousine Service (800.472.5466) to New Haven services Kennedy International Airport (New York), La Guardia Airport (New York), Newark International Airport (Newark, New Jersey), and Bradley International Airport (Windsor Locks, Connecticut, near Hartford).

By Train

There is hourly Metro-North (800.638.7646) service to New Haven from Grand Central Station in New York every day of the week. Amtrak (800.872.7245) service is scheduled daily from Boston, Washington, D.C., or New York (Penn Station). From the New Haven train station take a taxi to 1156 Chapel Street.

By Car

Interstate 95 (from New York or Boston)
Take Downtown New Haven Exit 47 (Route 34). Proceed to Exit 3 (North Frontage Road). At the first traffic light turn right onto York Street. Proceed three blocks to Chapel Street. Turn left onto Chapel Street. The School of Art building is on the left on Chapel, midway between York and Park streets. Metered parking is available on local streets. City parking garages are also available on York Street.

Interstate 91 (from points north or west)
Take Downtown New Haven Exit 1 (Route 34). Continue as above.


Fall 2007
Sept. 3 Mon. Labor Day. Offices closed.
Sept. 4 Tues. Orientation for all new students.
Sept. 4 Tues. Registration for all students.
Sept. 5 Wed. Fall-term classes begin, 8.25 a.m.
Sept. 24 Mon. Last day to add a course with permission of registrar.
Oct. 26 Fri. Last day to drop a course with permission of registrar.
Oct. 26 Fri. Midterm grades due, 12 noon.
Nov. 15 Thurs. Annual All-School Open House.
Nov. 17 Sat. Fall recess begins, 9 p.m.
Nov. 26 Mon. Fall recess ends. Classes resume, 8.25 a.m.
Dec. 7 Fri. Last day to withdraw from a course with permission of instructor and registrar.
Dec. 7 Fri. Fall-term classes end, 5.20 p.m.
Dec. 13 Thurs. Critiques and examinations begin, 9 a.m.
Dec. 22 Sat. Critiques and examinations end, 5.30 p.m. Winter recess begins.

Spring 2008
Jan. 9 Wed. Closing date for postmarking applications for admission in
  September 2008.
Jan. 14 Mon. Registration for all students.
Jan. 15 Tues. Spring-term classes begin, 8.25 a.m.
Jan 18 Fri. Monday classes meet in place of Friday classes.
Jan. 21 Mon. Martin Luther King Day. Offices closed.
Jan. 28 Mon. Last day to add a course with permission of registrar.
Mar. 7 Fri. Last day to drop a course with permission of registrar.
Mar. 7 Fri. Midterm grades due, 12 noon.
Mar. 7 Fri. Spring recess begins, 5.20 p.m.
Mar. 24 Mon. Spring recess ends. Classes resume, 8.25 a.m.
Apr. 28 Mon. Last day to withdraw from a course with permission  of instructor and registrar.
Apr. 28 Mon. Friday classes meet in place of Monday classes.
Apr. 28 Mon. Spring-term classes end, 5.20 p.m.
May 1 Thurs. Critiques and examinations begin, 9 a.m.
May 13 Tues. Critiques and examinations end. Summer recess begins, 5.30 p.m.
May 26 Mon. University Commencement.

The President and Fellows of Yale University

Richard Charles Levin, B.A., B.LITT., PH.D.

Her Excellency the Governor of Connecticut, ex officio.
His Honor the Lieutenant Governor of Connecticut, ex officio.
George Leonard Baker, Jr., B.A., M.B.A., Palo Alto, California.
Edward Perry Bass, B.S., Fort Worth, Texas.
Roland Whitney Betts, B.A., J.D., New York, New York.
Jeffrey Lawrence Bewkes, B.A., M.B.A., New York, New York.
Gerhard Casper, LL.M., PH.D., LL.D., Atherton, California.
Donna Lee Dubinsky, B.A., M.B.A., Portola Valley, California.
Charles Daniel Ellis, B.A., M.B.A., PH.D., New Haven, Connecticut.
Jeffrey Powell Koplan, B.A., M.D., M.P.H., Atlanta, Georgia (June 2009).
Maya Ying Lin, B.A., M.ARCH., D.F.A., New York, New York (June 2008).
Margaret Hilary Marshall, B.A., M.ED., J.D., Cambridge, Massachusetts (June 2010).
William Irwin Miller, B.A., M.B.A., Columbus, Indiana (June 2011).
Indra Nooyi, B.S., M.B.A., M.P.P.M., Greenwich, Connecticut.
Barrington Daniel Parker, Jr., B.A., LL.B., Stamford, Connecticut.
Theodore Ping Shen, B.A., M.B.A., Brooklyn Heights, New York (June 2007).
Margaret Garrard Warner, B.A., Washington, D.C. (June 2012).
Fareed Zakaria, B.A., PH.D., New York, New York.

The Officers of Yale University

Richard Charles Levin, B.A., B.LITT., PH.D.

Andrew David Hamilton, B.SC., PH.D., F.R.S.

Vice President and Secretary
Linda Koch Lorimer, B.A., J.D.

Vice President and General Counsel
Dorothy Kathryn Robinson, B.A., J.D.

Vice President for New Haven and State Affairs and Campus Development
Bruce Donald Alexander, B.A., J.D.

Vice President for Development
Ingeborg Theresia Reichenbach, STAATSEXAMEN

Vice President for Finance and Administration
Shauna Ryan King, B.S., M.B.A.

School of Art Administration and Faculty

Executive Officers
Richard Charles Levin, B.A., B.LITT., PH.D., President of the University.
Andrew David Hamilton, B.SC., PH.D., F.R.S., Provost of the University.
Robert Storr, M.F.A., Dean.
Samuel Messer, M.F.A., Associate Dean.

Faculty Emeriti
William Bailey, M.F.A., Professor Emeritus of Painting.
Bernard Chaet, M.A., Professor Emeritus of Drawing and Painting.
Alvin Eisenman, M.A., Professor Emeritus of Painting and Design.
Erwin Hauer, M.F.A., Professor Emeritus of Sculpture.
Richard Lytle, M.F.A., Professor Emeritus of Painting.
David Pease, M.F.A., Professor Emeritus of Painting.

Faculty: Film/Video/Interdisciplinary*
Jonathan Andrews, B.A., Lecturer.
Sandra Burns, M.F.A., Lecturer.
Lee Faulkner, M.F.A., Lecturer.
Pia Lindman, M.S., Lecturer.
Ken Lovell, M.F.A., Lecturer.
Sandra Luckow, M.F.A., Critic.
John Pilson, M.F.A., Lecturer.
Michael Roemer, B.A., Professor (Adjunct).
Max Saltonstall, B.A., Lecturer.

* Film/Video/Interdisciplinary is not a formal area of study in the School of Art; however, several courses are offered each year.

Faculty: Graphic Design
Keira Alexandra, B.F.A., Critic.
Michael Bierut, B.F.A., Senior Critic.
Cornelia Blatter, M.F.A., Critic.
Irma Boom, B.F.A., Senior Critic.
Matthew Carter, R.D.I., Senior Critic.
Alice Chung, M.F.A., Critic.
† Sheila Levrant de Bretteville, M.F.A., Professor.
Paul Elliman, Critic.
Karin Fong, M.F.A., Lecturer.
Tobias Frere-Jones, B.F.A., Critic.
Susan Froetschel, M.F.A., Lecturer.
John Gambell, M.F.A., Senior Critic.
Barbara Glauber, M.F.A., Critic.
Peter Hall, Critic.
Jessica Helfand, M.F.A., Critic.
Marcel Hermans, B.F.A., Critic.
Allen Hori, M.F.A., Critic.
Pamela Hovland, M.F.A., Critic.
Karen Hsu, M.F.A., Lecturer.
Alexander Isley, B.F.A., Lecturer.
David Israel, M.F.A., Lecturer.
Karel Martens, B.F.A., Senior Critic.
Armand Mevis, Lecturer.
Dan Michaelson, M.F.A., Lecturer.
Sigi Moeslinger, M.F.A., Critic.
Gisela Noack, Lecturer.
Christopher Pullman, M.F.A., Senior Critic.
* Michael Rock, M.F.A., Associate Professor (Adjunct).
Ben Rubin, M.S., Critic.
Douglass G. A. Scott, M.F.A., Senior Critic.
Susan Sellers, M.A., Critic.
Elizabeth Sledge, M.A., Critic.
Sara Soskolne, M.F.A., Lecturer.
Todd St. John, B.F.A., Critic.
William Storandt, B.M., Lecturer.
Scott Stowell, B.F.A., Critic.
Lisa Strausfeld, B.F.A., Critic.
Masamichi Udagawa, M.F.A., Critic.
Henk van Assen, M.F.A., Critic.
Linda van Deursen, Critic.

Faculty: Painting/Printmaking
Dore Ashton, M.A., Senior Critic.
Mel Bochner, B.F.A., Professor (Adjunct).
Daniel Bozhkov, M.F.A., Critic.
Carroll Dunham, B.A., Senior Critic.
Rochelle Feinstein, M.F.A., Professor.
Peter Halley, M.F.A., Professor (Adjunct).
Rachel Harrison, B.A., Critic.
Robert Hobbs, PH.D., Visiting Professor.
David Humphrey, M.A., Critic.
Clint Jukkala, M.F.A., Assistant Professor.
Jane Kaplowitz, M.F.A., Senior Critic.
Deborah Kass, Senior Critic.
Wayne Koestenbaum, PH.D., Visiting Professor.
Judith Linhares, M.F.A., Critic.
Richard Lytle, M.F.A., Professor Emeritus.
Steven Henry Madoff, M.A., Senior Critic.
Samuel Messer, M.F.A., Professor (Adjunct).
Carrie Moyer, M.F.A., Critic.
Catherine Murphy, B.F.A., Senior Critic.
†Sarah Oppenheimer, M.F.A., Assistant Professor.
Norm Paris, M.F.A., Lecturer.
Robert James Reed, Jr., M.F.A., Professor.
George Rush, M.F.A., Lecturer.
† Robert Storr, M.F.A., Professor.
Paula Wilson, M.F.A., Critic.
Charline von Heyl, Critic.

Faculty: Photography
* Richard Benson, M.A.H., Professor (Adjunct).
Gregory Crewdson, M.F.A., Professor (Adjunct).
Philip-Lorca diCorcia, M.F.A., Senior Critic.
Lisa Kereszi, M.F.A., Lecturer.
John Lehr, M.F.A., Lecturer.
Tod Papageorge, M.A., Walker Evans Professor of Photography.
Phillip Pisciotta, M.F.A., Lecturer.
Jock Reynolds, M.F.A., Professor (Adjunct).
Collier Schorr, B.F.A., Senior Critic.

Faculty: Sculpture
Judith Barry, M.A., Visiting Professor.
AA Bronson, Senior Critic.
Jon Conner, M.F.A., Lecturer.
Cheryl Donegan, Senior Critic.
Trisha Donnelly, M.F.A., Critic.
Daphne Fitzpatrick, B.F.A., Lecturer.
Jim Hodges, Critic.
David Johnson, Lecturer.
Allan McCollum, Senior Critic.
Michael Queenland, Lecturer.
Joe Scanlan, B.F.A., Associate Professor.
* Jessica Stockholder, M.F.A., Professor.
Elisabeth Subrin, M.F.A., Critic.
Shirley Tse, M.F.A., Critic.
Lan Tuazon, M.F.A., Lecturer.
Mierle Laderman Ukeles, M.A., Senior Critic.

Director of Academic Affairs
Patricia Ann DeChiara, B.A., M.S.

Director of Financial Affairs
Stacey McGlone Gemmill, B.A.

* On leave of absence, fall term 2006–2007.
† On leave of absence, spring term 2006–2007.

William J. Grego, Chief Photographer.
Nancy Keramas, Registrar, Undergraduate Studies in Art.
Janet Liscio, Senior Administrative Assistant, Academic Affairs.
Patsy Mastrangelo, Senior Administrative Assistant, Painting/Printmaking and Sculpture.
Susan Rochette, B.A., Director, Financial Aid.
Linda Sandrey, Administrative Assistant, Academic Affairs.
Brian Schmidt, M.F.A., Senior Adminstrative Assistant, Financial Affairs.
Barbara Shanley, M.A., Executive Associate, Dean’s Office.

Digital Media Center for the Arts (DMCA)
Lee Faulkner, B.S., M.F.A., Media Director.
Ken Lovell, M.F.A., Technical Director.
Laraine Sammler, B.S., M.A., Senior Administrative Assistant.

Department of the History of Art
Brian F. Allen, PH.D., Professor (Adjunct).
Carol Armstrong, Ph.D., Professor.
Timothy Barringer, PH.D., Professor.
Nicole Chardiet, Business Manager.
Edward Cooke, Jr., PH.D., Charles F. Montgomery Professor of the History of Art.
Anne Dunlop, PH.D., Assistant Professor.
Susan Emerson, Registrar for Graduate Study.
Milette Gaifman, PH.D., Assistant Professor.
Marilyn Green, Administrative Assistant.
Sandy Isenstadt, PH.D., Assistant Professor.
David Joselit, PH.D., Professor.
Jacqueline Jung, Ph.D., Assistant Professor.
Diana E. E. Kleiner, PH.D., Dunham Professor of Classics and the History of Art.
Christine Mehring, Ph.D., Assistant Professor.
Mary E. Miller, PH.D., Vincent J. Scully Professor of the History of Art.
Robert Nelson, PH.D., Robert Lehman Professor of the History of Art.
Alexander Nemerov, PH.D., Professor.
Patricia Pierce, PH.D., Lecturer.
Kishwar Rizvi, PH.D., Assistant Professor.
Vincent J. Scully, PH.D., LL.D., Sterling Professor Emeritus and Lecturer in the History of Art.
Noa Steimatsky, PH.D., Assistant Professor.
Robert Farris Thompson, PH.D., Colonel John Trumbull Professor of the History of Art.
Lillian Tseng, PH.D., Assistant Professor.
Christopher Wood, PH.D., Professor.
Mimi Yiengpruksawan, PH.D., Professor.

Art Gallery
Jock Reynolds, M.F.A., Henry J. Heinz II Director.
Lynne Addison, B.A., Head Registrar.
Aja Armey, M.A., Teaching Program Coordinator/Museum Educator.
Mark Aronson, M.S., Chief Conservator.
Suzanne Boorsch, PH.D., Curator of Prints, Drawings, and Photographs.
Helen Cooper, PH.D., Holcombe T. Green Curator of American Paintings and Sculpture.
Louisa Cunningham, M.A., Deputy Director, Finance and Operations.
Carol DeNatale, M.B.A., Director of Collections and Technology.
John ffrench, B.F.A., Digital Imaging Project Manager.
Robin Jaffee Frank, PH.D., Alice and Allan Kaplan Associate Curator of American Paintings and Sculpture.
Pamela Franks, PH.D., Curator of Academic Initiatives.
Patricia Garland, B.A., Conservator of Painting.
John Gordon, M.A., Assistant Curator of American Decorative Arts.
Susan Greenberg, PH.D., Horace W. Goldsmith Assistant Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art.
Jennifer Gross, PH.D., Seymour H. Knox, Jr. Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art.
Anna Hammond, M.F.A., Deputy Director, Education, Programs, and Public Affairs.
Burrus Harlow, B.F.A., Manager, Art Handling.
Elizabeth Harnett, A.A., Program Coordinator.
Lisa Hodermarsky, B.A., Assistant Curator of Prints, Drawings, and Photographs.
Jan Jones, Administrative Associate, Director’s Office.
Patricia E. Kane, PH.D., Friends of American Arts Curator of American Decorative Arts.
Laurence B. Kanter, PH.D., Lionel Goldfrank III Curator of Early European Art.
Frederick Lamp, PH.D., Frances and Benjamin Benenson Foundation Curator of African Art.
Susan B. Matheson, M.A., Molly and Walter Bareiss Curator of Ancient Art and the Dura-Europos Collection and Chief Curator.
William Metcalf, PH.D., Curator of Coins and Medals.
Sadako Ohki, PH.D., Assistant Curator of Asian Art.
John Pfannenbecker, Chief of Security.
Amy Porter, Associate Director, Communications.
Jessica Sack, M.A., Jan and Frederick Mayer Associate Curator of Education.
Michelle Schena, B.A., Director of Human Resources.
Catherine Sellers, Intern for Academic Initiatives.
David Sensabaugh, PH.D., Curator of Asian Art.
Christopher Sleboda, M.F.A., Director of Graphic Design.
Tiffany Sprague, Associate Editor.
Suzanne Warner, B.F.A., Coordinator, Photographic Services, Rights, and Reproductions.
Jill Westgard, Director of Development.

Arts Library
Christine de Vallet, M.L.S., Interim Director.
Tanya Allen, M.A., Library Services Assistant.
Hannah Bennett, M.L.S., Interim Assistant Director.
Tracy Bergstrom, M.A., Visual Resources Support Specialist.
Susan Brady, M.L.S., Project Archivist.
Helen Chillman, M.L.S., Slide Librarian.
Sarah Coe, M.F.A., Visual Resources Support Specialist.
Katherine Haskins, PH.D., Project Director, Integrated Digital Image Resources.
Beverly T. Lett, M.DIV., Library Services Assistant.
Jae Rossman, M.L.S., Special Collections Librarian.
Charles Summa, M.A., Library Services Assistant.
Fantasia Thorne, B.A., Library Services Assistant.
Maria Zapata, A.A., Library Services Assistant.
Christopher Zollo, B.A., Library Services Assistant.

Yale Center for British Art
Amy Meyers, PH.D., Director.
Constance Clement, B.A., Deputy Director.
Julia Marciari Alexander, PH.D., Associate Director for Exhibitions and Publications.
Beth Miller, M.P.P.M., Associate Director for Development and External Affairs.
David Mills, B.A., Associate Director for Finance and Administration.
Cassandra Albinson, PH.D., Assistant Curator of Paintings and Sculpture.
Kraig Binkowski, M.L.I.S., Head, Reference Library.
Theresa Fairbanks-Harris, M.S., Chief Conservator.
Elisabeth Fairman, M.S.l.s., Curator of Rare Books and Manuscripts.
Gillian Forrester, B.A., Associate Curator of Prints and Drawings.
Melissa Fournier, B.A., Assistant Museum Registrar.
Linda Friedlaender, M.S., Curator of Education.
Timothy Goodhue, B.A., Museum Registrar and Collections Manager.
Michael Hatt, PH.D., Head of Research.
Linda Jerolmon, Membership Manager.
Richard Johnson, B.A., Installation Manager.
Jennifer Krivickas, M.L.I.S., Assistant Librarian.
Cyra Levenson, Associate Curator of Education.
Aviva Luria, Volunteer Coordinator.
Amy McDonald, M.F.A., Public Relations Manager.
Jane Nowosadko, B.A., Coordinator of Programs.
Lyn Bell Rose, B.A., Coordinator of Publications.
Angus Trumble, M.A., Curator of Paintings and Sculpture.
Scott Wilcox, PH.D., Curator of Prints and Drawings.

History of the School

The study of the visual arts at Yale had its beginning with the opening, in 1832, of the Trumbull Gallery, one of the earliest art museums in the Anglo-Saxon world and the first (and long the only one) connected with a college in this country. It was founded by patriot-artist Colonel John Trumbull, one-time aide-de-camp to General Washington, with the help of Professor Benjamin Silliman, the celebrated scientist. A singularly successful art exhibition held in 1858 under the direction of the College Librarian, Daniel Coit Gilman, led to the establishment of an art school in 1864, through the generosity of Augustus Russell Street. This new educational program was placed in the hands of an art council, one of whose members was the painter-inventor Samuel F. B. Morse, a graduate of Yale College. When the School opened in 1869, it was the first connected with an institution of higher learning in the country, and classes in drawing, painting, sculpture, and art history were inaugurated. The art collections in the old Trumbull Gallery were moved into a building endowed by Augustus Street and so named Street Hall, and were greatly augmented by the acquisition of the Jarves Collection of early Italian paintings in 1871.

Architectural instruction was begun in 1908 and was established as a department in 1916 with Everett Victor Meeks at its head. Drama, under the direction of George Pierce Baker and with its own separate building, was added in 1925 and continued to function as a department of the School until it became an independent school in 1955. In 1928 a new art gallery was opened, built by Egerton Swartwout and funded through the generosity of Edward S. Harkness. It was connected to Street Hall by a bridge above High Street, and Street Hall was used for instruction in art. The program in architecture was moved to Weir Hall, designed by George Douglas Miller. A large addition to the Art Gallery, designed by Louis I. Kahn in collaboration with Douglas Orr, and funded by the family of James Alexander Campbell and other friends of the arts at Yale, was opened in 1953. Several floors were used by the School until the rapidly expanding Gallery collections required their use. In 1959 the School of Art and Architecture was made a fully graduate professional school. In 1963 the Art and Architecture Building, designed by Paul Rudolph, was opened, funded by many friends of the arts at Yale under the chairmanship of Ward Cheney. In 1969 the School was constituted as two faculties, each with its own dean; and in 1972 two separate schools were established by the President and Fellows, the School of Art and the School of Architecture, which until 2000 shared the Rudolph building for most of their activities. Sculpture was housed at 14 Mansfield Street in Hammond Hall (a large building formerly used for mechanical engineering), graphic design was located at 212 York Street (an old Yale fraternity building), and at 215 Park Street there were classrooms and additional graduate painting studios. Street Hall is assigned to the University Department of the History of Art. The arts at Yale—architecture, art, the Art Gallery, the Yale Center for British Art, the history of art, the School of Drama, and the Repertory Theatre—thus occupy a group of buildings stretching along and near Chapel Street for almost three blocks.

It had long been the University’s plan to extend the Arts Area schools farther up Chapel Street, and the first major new construction under this plan was the renovation of 1156 Chapel Street with the addition of an adjoining building at 353 Crown Street, designed by Deborah Berke. A generous gift by Yale College graduate Holcombe T. Green, Jr., for whom the building is named, and a major contribution by Marion Rand, in memory of her husband Paul Rand, professor of graphic design, made this new complex possible. The new art buildings house all the departments of the School of Art except sculpture, which remains at 14 Mansfield Street in Hammond Hall, as well as a new experimental theater for the School of Drama. Classes began in these buildings in September 2000.

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