Allan McCollum  
Allan McCollum, in his studio, New York City 1989. Photo © Sabine Mathes.

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ISBN: 0916365700 ITEM: D20077 RELEASE: 2003
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Objects of Desire

Edited by Judith Olch Richards. ~FULL CONTRIBUTOR LIST (Group Survey Anthology): Judith Olch Richards, Richard Tuttle, Janine Antoni, David Levinthal, Allan McCollum, Louise Bourgeois, Leon Golub, Mel Bochner,
Since 1981, Independent Curators International (ICI) has run a series in which prominent New York artists talk about their work to an audience gathered at the artist's studio. The New York Studio Events program has visited some 200 distinguished artists throughout its history, including Janine Antoni, Mel Bochner, Louise Bourgeois, Petah Coyne, Leon Golub, David Levinthal, Mary Lucier, Allan McCollum, Laurie Simmons, Richard Tuttle, Fred Wilson, Vik Muniz and Andrea Zittel. Inside the Studio shares for the first time the invaluable archive of audio recordings made during these events, excerpting from approximately 75 of the most fascinating to provide an exceptional oral record of these artists' thinking about their working processes, conceptual issues, the current scene and artists whose work they themselves admire.~Founded in 1975, ICI's mission is to enhance the understanding and appreciation of contemporary art through traveling exhibitions and other activities that reach a diverse national and international audience. Collaborating with a wide range of eminent curators over the years, ICI has created some 100 exhibitions that collectively have included the work of more than 2,500 artists, presented at over 450 art spaces located throughout the United States, and 20 other countries.


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