CU 2.809 Contemporary Issues in Visual Arts
Professor Collings

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Allan McCollum,
Surrogate Painting [No. 783],
Acrylic on wood and museum board.
6 1/16 x 5 9/16 inches

I am working to construct a charade, in which I am surrounded with false pictures: pseudo-artifacts which beckon me into the desire to look at a picture, but which are complete in doing just that, and that alone. My paintings don't serve a proper function—how could they? They're only representations, props, and surrogates: not real pictures at all. If I can engineer this charade the way I want, I think I can transform the seemingly innocent act of looking at art into a slightly nightmarish duplication of itself.

—Allan McCollum
Artist's statement,
  Sherrie Levine.
Knot Painting
Oil on plywood
20 x 16 inches

These things that are not paintings frame themselves
framing themselves with only an absence, a not, at the
center—which is to say that there is a center, and it is
marked and remarked, traced and represented, not
wholly absent, a painting after all, knot painting.

—Stephen W. Melville,
ARTS Magazine,
February 1986.